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  5. "Why do you not help her?"

"Why do you not help her?"

Translation:Warum hilfst du ihr nicht?

July 10, 2017



In Swedish this is also the correct order to say it "Varför hjälper du henne inte" But we can also switch place on Ihr/henne and nicht/inte "Varför hjälper du inte henne", both ways are correct. Is it the same in German, could I say "Warum hilfst du nicht ihr"?

It is also possible to say "Varför hjälper inte du henne" In Swedish, could I say the same in German, "Warum hilfst nicht du ihr".?


If you put the "nicht" in the end of the sentence, it negates the verb (here: "helfen"). If you put it before something else, it will negate that word. So: "Warum hilfst nicht du ihr?" means: "Why don't you help help her." (you rather than another person, emphasize on you), and "Warum hilfst du nicht ihr?" = "Why do you not help her?" (she is not helped by you why don't you?, emphasize on her).

I hope I could be of help.


It is possible, but I'd say the other word order is more common.


Its error says "You used the ihr form "helft" instead of the du form "hilfst". " how is it wrong to use ihr?


If you use ihr for "you", you have to use ihr helft.

If you use du for "you", you have to use du hilfst.

You can't say Warum helft du ihr nicht? or Warum hilfst ihr ihr nicht?

What did you write?


For my clarification (and hopefully others): I started to use ihr as the subject -- it's the one with which I have the least practice, so I use it whenever possible. However, I came up with: Warum helft ihr ihr nicht?

. . . which seemed awkward, so I chickened out and changed to: Warum hilfst du ihr nicht? (DL accepted as correct).

Is the " . . . helft ihr ihr . . ." version above correct?


Yes, "Warum helft ihr ihr nicht" is accepted.


My first try at this I used "wofür" as "why." Is this a reasonable alternative or is it inappropriate in some way?


Wofür is something like "What ... for", in this sentence it would mean, "What are you helping her for?"


I have this same question. Was hoping someone could address it.


Why is "Warum helft ihr nicht ihr?" not correct?


The "nicht" is in the wrong place. You could say "Warum helft ihr ihr nicht?"


Why is "warum du hilfst ihr nicht" wrong?


the verb (hilfst) must be in second position, following a question word (warum).


Would "warum hilft Ihr du nicht" mean: why don't she help you?


No, because "to you" (not "you") must be in dative form.


Why is wise incorrect ?

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