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Making Toki Pona [Need Help]

Dear Fellow Linguists,

I recently stumbled upon a language called Toki Pona. The language is designed to give words more meanings than just one, for example "kala" means "fish", "marine animal" and "sea creature". The language only contains 120-130 words in total (excluding places, numbers and languages) because some words have up to 5 different meanings!

I have read the official Toki Pona book and would like to add my knowledge to Duolingo so others can learn and benefit from this beautiful language. The problem is it's a big task adding an entire language to Duolingo even if the language only contains 120-130 words.

Toki Pona is a conlang just like Esperanto and Klingon - That are both featured on Duolingo - meaning that the language has been created recently (in the last 1000 years or so). I would love Toki Pona to join its fellow conlangs on Duolingo and I'm going to try and make that happen!

If anyone is interested with the language or wants to contribute, please leave a comment down below and +1 the thread to put it on the 'popular' page so even more people see it!

Anyway thank you for your time ;)


July 10, 2017



"Toki Pona is a conlang just like Esperanto and Klingon - That are both featured on Duolingo - meaning that the language has been created recently (in the last 300 years)."

The first known conlang is Lingua Ignota, created around 1200 CE by St. Hildegard of Bingen. There's also Balaibalan, created by Islamic mystics in the 16th century.

People have been doing this for a lot longer than 300 years. :)


Oh cool, sorry I'll change that. Thank you for the information <3


I tried those courses but they just teaches you the words in the language, doesn't teach grammar or sentence structure whatsoever...


I like toki pona. But I think that because one single word in toki pona can have so many meanings, you can translate an english sentence into toki pona, but you can't translate a toki pona sentence easily into english. The number of meanings is too complex. Therefore, it will be hard work.

toki pona li pona tawa mi. taso mi pilin e ni: nimi wan pi toki pona li jo e lawa mute la sina ken sona e nimi mute pi toki Inli kepeken toki pona. taso sina ken ala sona pona e nimi mute pi toki pona kepeken toki Inli. nanpa lawa li ike. pali li kama suli tan ni.


Yes I agree the reverse translations could be difficult but with so few words users could just translate single words or phrases to Toki Pona and then use English to Toki Pona for most of the course, like the official Toki Pona book teaches the language.


Hi, do you still want to do this? Cause I would love to help.


Hi, I'd be glad to help! Unfortunately I don't know Toki Pona yet, but I wanted to learn it and I'm going to read the book. Probably I'm not the person you're looking for right now, but if you don't get any other responses I'm here!


Hey, anybody who is interested helps the cause. The book is a great place to start and is worth the money if you're interested in languages!


Thanks! Count me in then, please :) I love languages so it won't be a waste of both time and money. Let me know :)

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