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"I like to visit Dar es Salaam"

Translation:Ninapenda kutembelea Dar es salaam

July 10, 2017



What does the suffix -lea mean? I see it on the end of "progress" and "visit", and I can recognize the root words, but what is the modifier there?


It's the applicative suffix (called prepositional in this course). It has four forms:

-le- after "e" or "o"
-li- after "i", "u" or "a"
-e- after a consonant preceded by "e" or "o" -i- after a consonant preceded by "i", "u" or "a".

With monosyllabic verbs, it's a bit unpredictable.

-pa becomes -pea
-la becomes -lia

So -tembelea is kind of literally "walk to/with"


It should be ningependa kutembelea Dar es Salaam

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