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  5. "Die Bäcker sind toll."

"Die Bäcker sind toll."

Translation:The bakers are great.

July 10, 2017



I guess that toll means great


Or rabid, although this is a much less common meaning of the word.


How would you say female bakers in German?



One of them is a Bäckerin


Beceause they make all the delicious bread and cakes which smell so good when you walk by ¶-} (Thats a face, by the way)


In the US we have gas stations on every corner. In Germany there is a backery on every corner. I gain weight just walking by them. Each is better than the next, and the Bread is out of this world.


no e at the end for plural.....confusing. Can anyone explain or just a special case?


There are several ways to form a plural in German, including adding -e, -en, -er, -s or nothing at all; and any of those combined with adding an umlaut or not.

So some words only change in the plural by adding an umlaut (e.g. der Vater, die Väter; der Apfel, die Äpfel) and some words do not change in the plural at all, including masculine nouns in -er referring to "thing which does" or "person who does" such as Bohrer, Zeiger, Kleber; Lehrer, Bäcker, Bauer "drill, pointer, adhesive; teacher, baker, farmer".

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And this sentence can be said probably across all Germany, thanks to their awesome training program for most professions and their excellent bakery tradition - man, I really miss the immense piece of high quality multi-flour and multi-seed piece of Brot I could take in LIDL for just one euro.


I said "nice", and they told me that was wrong and it should have been "neat"! Who says that?!


No one, probably. Unless you have a cool parent or something that works there and gives you free cake. But bakeries tend to never be called neat/swell/cool. Bakeries are normally considered nice (and youre absolutely right), delicious, or theyre overlooked.


"Die Bäckerei sind toll" ? Bitte


"Die Bäckerei sind toll" ? Bitte

What is your question?

Die Bäckerei means "the bakery".


"Beckrei" or "Becker" Are both bakery correct? Is there a difference between the two? Please.


"Beckrei" or "Becker" Are both bakery correct?

No; neither of them is even a word.

Bäcker is a baker -- the person who makes bread.

Bäckerei is a bakery -- the workshop where the baker works (and by extention, the shop where baked goods are sold).

Where things get a bit confusing is that "at the bakery" might be translated as beim Bäcker (literally, "at the baker's").


I understand the clear answer very well. Thank you


Why not Genial instead of Toll?


Toll can't mean nice?

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