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  5. reached 1000 XP :)


reached 1000 XP :)

July 10, 2017





Congratulations! Keep going your good work!


good for you.Hello by the way


Well done! how do you find your xp by the way ?

[deactivated user]

    You go under the Daily Goal section on the home page and it should say how much on the Leader board. If you want to see your XP for more than just this week/this month click the All Time section


    thank you! does this apply to the website version (or just the mobile app)?? [edit:] found it, thanks!


    That's an awesome milestone! Congrats, and keep learning. :D


    Great job Markrussell100!


    Hi Mark,

    nice that you found this site.

    BTW: Do you think that it will really work to learn 4 languages parallal at the same time?
    All from scratch?
    For sure all the best luck and power with that!!

    Maybe it is - according to a Polgyglot blog I had read about - more fun to be able to actually speak ONE language at 1-1,5 years (solid, fluent, etc.) than to learn 4 and not to be able to speak all of them at the same good level?
    They made a test that the one learner learning those languages sequentially performed better than the one learner who learned multiple languages at the same and shorter time intervals.

    I am e.g just learning Portuguese from scratch myself.

    a) German I am native (EN AND PT reverse trees) does not count and

    b) English would be just for refreshing / to strengthen my knowledge as I have already been learning this language since my youth for a very long time.

    Don't get me wrong.
    People usually announce here on the disussion forum their 100, 200,...,365,...500,...,1000 day (language) streaks ;)

    There are even some differences for the visible global streak (5 days) vs individual language streaks, which only the user script DuoTweak could show on the website.
    The language streak are known to be shown on the mobile apps (at least that is what I read).


    thanks i only learn irish and german

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