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"Não importa se não temos filhos."

Translation:It does not matter if we do not have children.

March 25, 2014



Was that a trick question? Worked on me anyway.


What is wrong with "It does not matter is we don't have sons"? Seems to me that this should also be accepted.


As we have no context, it should be accepted also. (typo: if)


If you actually wrote "is" instead of "if" (to translate "se") that is the mistake


The "it"... is it necessary?


"It's not important if we have no children", should be accepted, and it is important that The Owl update this exercise!


The English is ungrammatical; it's written as a double-negative.


I don't think this is really a double negative because the two negative words are in different clauses. What is your translation? The only change I would make is to substitute "whether" for "if".


Ahhhh....there's another name, that I can't remember, for "double negatives" that doesn't have the connotations...based on the theory that "There is no such thing as a common mistakes in language...if it's common, it's not a mistake!"

This line of thinking has lead to English dictionaries now listing "literally" as having the same meaning as "figuratively"


That one drives me crazy. Just because people were using literally wrong, now it is defined to mean completely the opposite! I guess I can see a use for definitions to evolve somewhat, but to mean exactly the opposite... It's nonsense.


It does not matter if we have children.

It does not matter if we don't have children.

Both natural. Both okay.

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