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Vocabulary List.

Maybe I just haven't found it yet, but it would be really helpful to have a vocabulary tab of sorts that lists the vocab words and their declension/conjugations for your own reference. So far I have just been writing them down in a notebook as I learn them, along with conjugation tables and the like. Just a thought.

June 26, 2012



We're working on this and it should be on the site pretty soon.


Maybe a little flashcards feature with simple vocabulary exercise would be nice. When you currently learn new word you get the yellow highlight and the gift icon. These words should I think be included in this list.

But I am sure you have it covered!


Printable flashcards would be great for studying on the go.


I agree, that would be super helpful!


Is this available yet? Or just some function to get an overview of the words you are supposed to know, so you can make your own vocabulary list?


It would be very helpful

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