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Learning two languages at once.


Currently learning French and German and was wondering what others thought about learning two languages at once.

Specifically, how they split their time between the two. I currently spend a week during exclusively one language then switching to the other.

However, sometimes I feel like I'm leaving it too long and forgetting a lot of what I've just learnt, and other times I feel like a week isn't long enough and I should maybe spend a fortnight concentrating on each one.

What do you think? Or just learn simultaneously day by day?



July 10, 2017



I am learning multiple languages at once and what I do is split the day into two and then study two languages for several days. It helps you comprehend the language.


I would learn them simultaneously day by day. That is generally what I have done and it works fine for me.


Mixing the grammar between diverse languages can become a bit confusing, but quite frankly, I love it! For me, learning simultaneously day by day is efficient enough, and keeps me at a consistent steady pace. Learning a row of skills a day, then reviewing the material I've covered is commonly the pace I go at every day. It keeps me progressing while learning at a steady pace, which is exactly what I plan to do.

Everyone has a different pace, though; some people might make progress slower than others. There isn't necessarily a right way of learning a language; learning multiple languages simultaneously simply works better for some people than it does for others.


Hello, I've tried to learn two at once and I felt the same way. I suggest getting fluent in one before the other. I've been working on French for a while, and I tried doing Romanian at the same time, but it just made me want to learn more about Romanian due to how much less I know of that language.

If i were you, I'd try to learn the language with the alphabet that suits you the most, or learn the language that makes more sense to you. You can revisit that second language later, and you'll find that it'll be easier to learn what you didn't understand of it earlier. If you're too far into both, just revisit the other one on the weekends so that it's still fresh in your head.


Whichever one feels right, or whichever one I feel I need to do. I've been super interested in Hungarian lately which makes a change from my usual Norwegian. I do a bit of German too because I'll be going to Berlin soon. I also enjoy Esperanto but having completed the tree I don't do much of it any more. I like Turkish and the fact that the tree is small makes it a nice 'side-challenge' and I sometimes do bits of it on the side of the others. Swedish and Danish are followers of Norwegian to me. I learn Norwegian and then Swedish and Danish I see as extensions kinda.

[deactivated user]

    Just focusing on one language can be boring. I study several at a time because I find the variety interesting and it prevents boredom caused by learning only one language. At least for me.


    This is how I split my day:

    Not possible at Duolingo but possible with Memrise.


    Thanks for the suggestions. Gonna try no set pattern for a few months and see if I handle it or get myself confused.

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