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DuoLingo business model

I have been wondering why this all can be free. At least part of the answer is in this talk:


I'm learning Swahili and the good news is that this good for the Swahili speaking communities as well, because more texts translated into Swahili will be available. Awesome.

July 10, 2017



That's out of date. The translation business model has been dropped and Immersion, the part of the website where translations were done, has been taken down.

I think the current business model is still being fleshed out, but so far it involves the use of ads on some platforms and the availability on some platforms of Duolingo Plus, which allows you to work offline and also, I believe, to avoid the ads.


plus selling gems


And the Duolingo English Test.


Thanks for your comments. Never too old to learn something new. A pity it does not work out ...


In one of his comments the CEO mentioned that they make more money from one day of ads now than they made in any whole year of selling the translations.

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