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"Mon désir n'est pas de tuer plus d'ennemis."

Translation:My desire is not to kill more enemies.

July 10, 2017



What is wrong with, "my desire is to not kill more enemies"?


That is a valid translation. Takes the negative off your desire and puts it solidly on the killing where it probably should be.


You are splitting the infinitive "to kill", which some people think is bad English (although this is an ongoing controversy). I would say it sounds awkward in this case.


If you are worried about a "split infinitive", you can write "not to kill" instead of "to not kill". They mean the same.

However, the problem remains that neither of those is the sentence that DL gives us, which is "It is not my desire to kill ...".


The current "preferred answer" (at the top of this page) is: "My desire is not to kill more enemies." I agree that Martina786815's answer (with the split infinitive) should also be accepted, although not preferred.


Split infinitives aside, the problem remains that the French we are given here does not mean either "my desire is to not kill" or "my desire is not to kill". Rather, the French we are given here means "It is not my desire to kill." Not quite the same thing!


Note the difference between the English "My desire is not to kill" on the one hand, and "To kill is not my desire" (or "It is not my desire to kill"). In the first sentence, it is "kill" that is negated. In the other two examples it is "desire" that is negated.

What is the French corresponding to each of my three examples? For example, are the following both good French sentences?
1. Mon désir n'est pas de tuer plus d'ennemis.
2. Mon desir est de pas tuer plus d'ennemis.

I suspect that the French DL gives us here (#1) is closer to "It is not my desire to kill more ennemies" than to the translation DL gives us.


we would actually say 2.) "Mon désir est de ne pas tuer plus d'ennemis" for my desire is not to kill


My answer is verbatim, letter by letter, the same as the answer they give and yet it has been marked wrong. Yet there is no option for "my answer is correct". How do I communicate this to them?!?


Click the "Report" button, just to the left of the "Discuss" button you clicked to get here.


how about... my desire is not killing more enemies?


Question on the audio. In "plus" I have an aversion to pronouncing the "s", especially in front of a consonant. If I do pronounce the "s" at all, I try to do it light. But this audio example comes down hard on the "s". Is this a mistake, or has my pronunciation been wrong?


what is wrong with "anymore enemies"?


Remember, in English there are two different spellings, "anymore" and "any more", depending on meaning. For example:

I don't have any more money.
I don't have much money anymore.

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