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  5. "I thank your man."

"I thank your man."

Translation:Ich danke deinem Mann.

July 10, 2017



When is it Deinem and when is it Eurem?


Both should work.

You use Eurem when referring to (plural) you. While Deinem refers to (singular) you.


Grammatically, yes. But in the context of the sentence, deinem is more likely as a man is usually the husband of only one person at a time. The alternative with eurem might not even be in the database as a result of the course creators not considering this possibility.


This sentence sounds a bit odd, but hey, that's Duolingo. Assuming that you do want to translate the English sentence "I thank your man" into German, how would you do this without introducing the meaning "husband" that deinem Mann has? For example, a king is speaking to one of his generals, and wants to pass on his thanks to one of the general's men.


Yes, it's an odd English sentence.

I've turned "I thank your husband" into the preferred translation for Ich danke deinem Mann, and so this English-to-German exercise should no longer be needed.

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