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English talks: Do you have pets?

Well, this topic was born cause an old topic, I was talking about love, that it came in many forms, and someone told me: "Hey you missed pets!" And well, here we are, so have fun!

Do you have pets? I do, I have a husky, I tried to go out with him every day however cause my schedule in job it is not possible, sometimes I go out with him at night or mornings. His name is Draco, he is a good dog, he is 11 months old, so he is very young, he is kind and loves to play with other dogs he has many friends: Nito, Greco, Bin y Bon, Trustky, whatever, usually they play at night at the park they enjoy running or "fighting", and well it is the time when you can have a little talk with neighbors.

So, how about you? Do you have pets?

July 11, 2017

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Hi! I have five pets, maybe it would sound like my house is a zoo but it is not haha I have two cats, Oreo and Trikitrake, one dog named Dobby and two turtles, one is named Tinkerbell and the other is Garu. As you can see i have a lot of creativity putting names. Both of the cats, the dog and one turtle are females, the only male is the last turtle. We saved them all by adoption.


Adoption, excellent!!I wanted to adopt a pet however my wife wanted that husky... Draco. xD


hi, i have three cats, for that i have the name on my profile.


nice!! they are the masters of the house xD


Hello again.
I do have pets. Two dogs. The older one is called Buddy, and the other is called Chocolate.
Buddy was a gift from my grandmother. She brought him around 6 years ago, when she came to visit us. He is black, with some yellowish spots around his eyebrows and neck. He is kind of big, but he's not agressive at all. He's a good friend.
Chocolate was brought by my father, last christmas. I suppose it was the best gift we could give to Buddy. Chocolate is as you might guess light brown, completely. He is very mischievous, but he's learning our manners.
We love them both. They are lucky our family threats pets very well. And we are lucky they're always happy to see us, and take care of our house at night, and when we are not around.


wow!! thanks for sharing dude!! Well I had a french puddle... but he past away... HE was 11 years old... and one day well... you know... we were sad, life goes on and we always carry with the memory of persons or animals that had been with us.

Have a nice day!! and 303 days using duolingo!!! almost a year!!! COngrats!!


Sorry about that.
Thanks and you're welcome. Keep making these posts man. Hopefully, one day more people will practice properly commenting on these topics. You know; yesterday, somehow a vision came to my mind. Duolingo would feature a talking forum exclusively to discuss these kind of topics. We could schedule groups of five to discuss for about an hour. Just audio chat, as if we were talking on the radio...But we would need more serious learners and a good timing...Don't know, it sounded good in my mind.


sounds cool! similar to debate... 1 or 2 minutes to explain or argument your point!! by the moment we have webex (well it is not free) or skype in order to have an speech. Perhaps duolingo will do something similar with users with some grade of learning.


Yeah, I hope so...

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