Translation:We will discuss

July 11, 2017

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Shouldn't this be "We will discuss with each other?"


"We will discuss" kind of already implies that. It should also be accepted though.


Not necessarily. It might be a discussion between us and someone else, in which case it wouldn’t be reciprocal... So I agree with chitown15 on the need for “with each other” in the English.


I disagree. Just because "discuss" can mean with other people, it doesn't mean that we have to say "with each other". If you look someone in the eyes and say "We will discuss this later!", they are unlikely to ask "Oh? With who?" You can add "with each other" if you need to disambiguate, but it's nearly always unnecessary.


My version - we will argue - was not accepted but I think that it is more matching than - we will discuss. :)


because it is a first meaning in the dictionary :) To discuss, to debate - is as a second meaning.


If you search for -jadili here: http://africanlanguages.com/swahili/ you get:

1 argue
2 discuss, debate

but search here: http://www.elimuyetu.co.tz/subjects/arts/swa-eng/j.html and you get:

jadil.i kt [ele] discuss, argue, debate;

So it looks like all three should be accepted (in no particular order).


Update Dec 2021:
Unfortunately, that University of Dar Es Salaam dictionary, elimuyetu.co.tz, seems to have disappeared off the internet. You'll have to just take my word for it ...


Fortunately, in this situation the Wayback Machine is our friend...


It has moved here: http://ict4tz.or.tz/TUKI%20Dictionary/swa-eng/index.html

The wayback machine also works, but the S page of the English-Swahili side was always a faulty link. Under the new hosting I've posted above, the S page for EN-SW is available. Ukitumia the Wayback Machine, haipatikani.


Ah brilliant! Thanks Steve!!


One more thought on whether "with each other" is necessary: I can be telling you that I will discuss with someone else.


It sounds more like tutadziliana

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