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I just can't figure it out : (

Alrighty, I know my IQ is over 80, but for the life of me I cannot find WHERE I reset in order to do the reverse tree. I understand that I need to reset my native language to German and then "learn" English. However, when I go to my settings, I can find no place to reset my native language. English is also not an option for me to learn presumably because the settings already have it set as my native language.

I have spent the last hour looking and relooking. Anyone care to take my by the hand and lead me down the right path? Not sure which forum this should go in. I'll start with German.

Vielen Dank im Voraus!

July 11, 2017



Select "add new course" in the bar that appears underneath the flag that's next to your profile picture. After that, you should see a selector with the text "I speak" next to it located around the top right area of the page. Select the language you would like to do the reverse tree in, and choose English as the language you would like to learn. Then you should be good to go.


Houston, we have success! I feel like I just carried the Olympic Torch into the stadium.

Vielen Dank!!!


Was that to lavethwolf? And congrats. Glad it worked.


It was to all! I'm not sure why it put the reply right in the middle. But I am off and running so no time is wasted while I finish waiting to feel better. lol Not too much heavy thinking in the beginning.


If you are still looking how reset one of your languages, you will need to go here, and you should find it.

As of to where you want to put it: It would go in "Troubleshooting," since you are trying to figure out how something works on Duo.


For myself, the easiest way:

To the left of your avatar, with the curser on the current flag,

Add a new Course

I speak: German (you would change the language to)

A list of languages for German speakers comes up: Select English

Switch to course (make sure you click on it, otherwise you never switch to the course)

This should bring you to the Reverse German Tree

Don't sorry, all your previous learning is still there.

To get back, change the language back to speaking English and be sure to click all the way through to the course (I mention this because when I initially did this, I had trouble returning).

Hope this helps. :)

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