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"Kwa nini unajifunza kiswahili?"

Translation:Why are you learning Swahili?

July 11, 2017



I was bored and Duolingo had a new course. Also, I wanted to understand the cooking videos on YouTube. Learn the language to learn the food.


Kwa sababu nina marafiki kutoka Kenya na Uganda, na wao wanaongea kiswahili. Na sauti ya kiswahili ni nzuri sana. Nilijaribu kujifuza kiswahili zamani, na kama Duolingo ameanzilisha somo la kiswahili, mimi nimetaka kujaribu hilo.


The course was there So i gave it ago. Having been born in Uganda i recognise some of the words already so it's not that difficult for me


Kufundisha Kingereza kwa Watanzania na kufundisha Kiswahili kwa Wamarekani.


kwa sababu napenda sauti na fonetiki yake because (I) like how it sounds and its phonetics hmm is that right


I volunteer as an ESL tutor several mornings a week and noticed several of my adult students from different countries using Swahili as a common form of communication. I decided it was time I attempted to meet them partway! I love the patterns and rhythm of the language, and even more important than the vocabulary acquisition, it has been good to be reminded of what it's like to learn something new.


The language in English is "Swahili".


I agree, though our university has a dept of African languages and the professor says they can argue about that question for hours.

One school of thought says "Kiswahili" is the actual name of the language, so you should use that; others argue that, in the context of a conversation in English, the language is called "Swahili" (just as the German language is called "Deutsch" in German, "allemand" in French, "tedesco" in Italian, and "tyska" in Swedish).


Kwa sababu ninataka kuwafahamu Sauti Sol na Octopizzo ;)


have wanted to go to Africa since I was in third grade...and I'm in my sixties now...so it's like, now or never!!! I know people in and from Kenya also, plus, my youngest daughter has a Swahili name. So, many reasons!


To be able to speak to my wife's family. She is Kenyan. I am discovering there are differences between Kenyan Swahili and Tanzanian Swahili

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