July 11, 2017



Does it sound like "みに" or is that just me.


Yea audio is bad on this


The case to write by hiragana, it is みぎ.

subtle sound.

pronunciation 右 https://ja.forvo.com/word/%E5%8F%B3/#ja


Some Japanese speakers pronounce g- more like ng-


It is varying by dialect, but both N-sounds and G-sounds may move toward a nasal NG-sound. I believe Tokyo dialect, and "proper speech" move G to NG, while young people lean more toward harder G-sounds


A good example of how to say it in this dialect is to practise saying just the "ng" in "sing". This sound only happens with Gs in the middle or end of words, though (or if you're slurring or speaking quickly, hah). Gs at the beginning of words will have the more familiar sound, as in "good", etc.

True, nowadays, from what I hear, it's 'hipper' or whatnot to steer away from saying it too strongly like this. A lot of grammer books still teach it as a standard pronunciation, though, since it's still commonly heard, otherwise, especially with certain dialects and age groups.


Handle the defense


Ha, Parasyte reference, nice.


Underrated comment


[kanji] 右

[kana] みぎ

[romaji] migi


Isn't that character in Parasyte Anime


Yup, his "right" hand so called him "migi" lol


The audio is very bad on this one, at least on mobile. It sounds very muffled, as if spoken through a pillow. It's not my headphones, bose should be more than good enough, so it must be the audio quality.


Anybody else remember the definition of migi by thinking of how "right" Mickey Mouse is?


Yes nasal pronunciation sounds like ng but the audio isn't a nasal it has no g sound at all. I have listed to it a dozen times, and I mean I am aware of the nasal g, heck I posted a link to some audio to help people with that in a previous lesson.

But this seems like not a very good audio to me. Seems like just mini. Maybe should firm up the g sound for a teaching audio.

I had my wife listen just to see if I was crazy and asked what she heard and she said it sounded like mimi. But she isn't Japanese she's Korean. (Also is it wrong to be studying Japanese when my in-laws are korean? Lol)


Would any etymology-oriented people like to explain why the kanji for "right" has a "ro" katakana (ロ), and the one for "left" has "エ"


I have no clue what the real meaning is but I thought of a fun way to remember the kanjis just now:

You eat with your right hand (mouth, get it?) You work with your left hand(construction, lol)

Maybe the real meaning taught in Japan has some old story about how amaterasu built the earth with her left and ate divine fruit with the right or something XD


Or how Kaguya ate divine fruit with her right hand and built her zetsu army with her left from Naruto lol


I use that to remember which is wich, ROight and lEft


i can always tell migi is right, because of the Katakana "Ro" in the kanji. Its like "ro - Right". And Hidari is just... the one that isnt right, lol


After hearing this, my brain immediately went "Oh, that was in Remote Controller!" Because I am obsessed with vocaloid.


"not wrong" was not accepted for me


右 means “right” as in the opposite of “left”.


Small contribution. If you know the Anime K-On, remember that Mugi is always right.

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