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Lingots are useless?

I have literally nothing to use my lingots on except ways to get more lingots. Why is there virtually nothing in the lingot store? More skills we could purchase would be nice or we could get the progress quiz back. Anyone agree?

July 11, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Many of us agree but there is little we can do. Duo adds to the sites and the apps in ways that make it seem like our suggestions are almost entirely overlooked. Just don't worry about it too much and focus on the languages.


    I agree - totally useless


    You got eleven lingots for this post complaining about them being unnecessary


    Yeah, I 100% agree. The only thing that would consider using them for is buying more sessions. (You know like the ones in the French store for learning idioms and stuff) : )


    There are more bonus skills than there used to be—languages like Esperanto and Ukrainian now have them. I agree res the progress quiz, however.


    I used to go through them with progress quizes, but now everything is a buy once option, like I have all the extra lessons I have the timed practice, now there is only streak freeze and double or nothing and both of those just increase my lingots.


    I guess sometimes they can act as a pretty substantial upvote on forum posts. Honestly, why aren't lingots for posts shown on the discussion list alongside upvotes and downvotes? Lingots are an especially good signal as to the quality of the post and response from the community.


    I think lingots may be useful in case of need of repeated freezing.


    It's been that way for a while now.


    Lingots are just silly...I suppose there is some satisfaction in seeing them add up and they become a measure of your success in your studies ..


    You get a lingot, and you get a lingot, and you get a lingot.


    I only use lingots for these things:



    yes, and it´s such a shame since there´re lots of stuff in german language that must be studied, like idioms, composite senteces, word order (syntax), short text compositions etc. and ligots could be used for that in some way that would encourage you and motivate to learn more. i hope authors are working on it.


    Ikr lingots are completely useless they barely help enhance my learning experience lol.

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