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"The cat is eating a red apple."

Translation:Le chat mange une pomme rouge.

July 11, 2017



why is the red word in the end of the sentence? pls tell me


In french the adjective is either before the noun or after. When the adjective is a color, it always goes after the noun. Here "rouge" is the adjective related to the noun "pomme" so it goes after :)


It is almost always like that in any romantic language


why is it une pomme and not un pomme when the qn asked for "a red apple"? isn't 'a' = un?


In French, every noun has an assigned grammatical "gender" (either masculine or feminine), and the articles and adjectives used with a noun depend on its "gender".

here, "chat" is a masculine noun while "pomme" is a feminine noun, and the articles used are different:

the cat = le chat / a cat = un chat

the apple = la pomme / an apple = une pomme

There are also special articles for nouns in the plural:

the cats = les chats / (a) cats = des chats


thank you for this!(: it really helped to clarify my doubts. I also saw that cat could be chat or chatte. Is chatte the feminine way of saying cat?


As animals do have gender, un chat is a male cat (or a cat whose gender is unknown) and une chatte is a female cat. Same goes for chien/chienne and a lot of animals


Why did it correct me to Le chatte


Why would it say "le chat" is wrong and "le chatte" is right if i dont know if the cat is male or female?


I put "Le cat est mange une pomme rouge" and it put it wrong, Why?


also you don't need the est


Le cat is spelt wrong- it should be le chat


I get confused at tobwhen to use mange or manges


it can also be: Le chat est en train de manger une pomme rouge, can't it?


i put l'chat and it counted it wrong


Le/la is never contracted to l' before consonants, only before vowels sounds and often before the h which is silent in French.

So you may only say "le chat" and not "l'chat" and similarly you may only say "l'homme" and not "le homme"


pomme rouge? red apple? why is it back to front?


I say "Le chat mange un rouge pomme." but it won't accept. It accepts "Le chat mange un pomme rouge."


From google translate.

Le chat mange une pomme rouge

The cat eats a red apple

Le chat est mange une pomme rouge

The cat is eating a red apple

Why isn't "Le chat est mange une pomme rouge" correct?


"est mange" is not correct. There is no present progressive in French, so "mange" can mean both "eats" and "is eating".

Also I advise you not to rely on Google Translate for accurate translation of sentences.


i literally had to switch rouge and pomme around it flippin' says red apple not apple red and yes, i do understand that this is how words in their language work, but i just don't get it


joanne453316 une means the same as un. You use un when the word after is masculine and une when the word is feminine. And apparently the word apple is feminine. HAPPY I COULD HELP :D


Every time i type in the right answer it always ends up wrong. It said, The cat is eating a red apple". So i typed it right and then it said, The cat is eating a apple red! (-In french


why does red go after the apple???


did anyone else put "rouge pomme" and get annoyed when it was the other way around


When to use 'un' and when 'une'?


It could be either le chat or la chatte here right?


Yes, it could, if the gender is important.


I actually used the right word "chat" but I was repeatedly told that I had put "chatte" don't know why it couldn't detect it


Make sure to use the right article. It's either "Le chat" or "La chatte."


pomme goes after rouge right?


No. All colors go after the noun.


How come the word 'red' is at the end?


Colors always go after the noun it describes.

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