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  5. "Really? You wrote to him?"

"Really? You wrote to him?"

Translation:Vraiment ? Vous lui avez écrit ?

March 7, 2013



Can't I contract "lui as" to "l'as" ?


No because such a contraction would be that of "le/la", not "lui" (which is never contracted):

  • tu lui as écrit = you wrote to him/her
  • tu l'as écrit = you wrote it (if the thing written is feminine: "tu l'as écrite")


Thank you. Tips such as "lui is never contracted" are very helpful.


what about as-tu?????


Fine, but these questions are rather exclamations of disbelief or surprise, so the "statement" format was intended, I think.


Can we use "tu as écrit à lui?"


No, when the verb is constructed with "à", the indirect object pronoun is automatically placed in front of the verb.


Why not: Vraiment? Est-ce que tu lui ecrivais?


Not really, because these 2 questions are actually one: "You really wrote to him?" = "Tu lui as vraiment écrit ?" but asked in a way that is hardly a question. It is more an expression of disbelief or surprise.

Also, I would think that the imparfait is not right here and that that you should keep the same register of speech from one language to the other.


Le and la, from what I gad previously learned would mean "him" and "her", too. Also "it". Why would that not be the case here?


What is going on? The words in the word bank do not correspond with the words in the answer. My answer using the Tu form should be accepted. Nonsense, Duolingo!


With the tiles provided, you can compose one correct answer. So if you are given "vous" and "avez", please use them, or if you want to write "tu" and "as", please use the "keyboard" button.


In the notes for this module effectivement is given as really or indeed but it is not accepted here. I have reported it.

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