"Aceasta este libertatea?"

Translation:Is this the freedom?

July 11, 2017

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"Is this liberty?" is also a good translation. For that matter, one does not say "is this the freedom" in English.


This should be "Is this freedom?" - There are always differences in how the definite articles is used between languages which have them.

In a specific context choosing one of several freedoms you could use "the freedom" in English, but I can't come up with a context for this specific sentence to sound natural.


"Is this freedom" is accepted, too.


English speakers definitely wouldn’t use the definite article without a clause. “The freedom to...” or “The liberty to...”


Concepts such as liberty, freedom, truth, beauty, etc. do not take definite articles unless they are modified. EX: "Freedom isn't free" yet "The freedom of the people shall not be curtailed."

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