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Easier way to strengthen multiple skills, please

I'd love to have a way to strengthen everything without a lot of clicking and scrolling. Something like "Strengthen all" which would start strengthen on a random skill that needs it and when that's done just suggest another one to continue on as long as I have skills that need strengthening, all by keyboard, so I don't need all the tedious clicks for going back to the home page and scrolling down to the next skill that isn't golden for each skill that needs to be done.

July 11, 2017



Doesn't the whole tree "Strengthen skills" button pretty much do this? Granted, the order doesn't tend to be very random (ideal I'd think would be that it selects the weakest skill first in any case).


Yes, I suppose it does the "one skill at random" bit but it doesn't let one continue to the next strengthen session without some scrolling and clicking.


The only way to strengthen a lot of modules at once, if only if those vocabulary words are used in those modules.

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