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My discussions disappear

I can't find some of my discussions, I don't know if they are censored, because it doesn't follow the guidelines, though I don't know in what, and I never had a reply from Duolingo about it. Please, fix it, either by making a place where I can see all my discussions, either by letting my know when one of my discussion has been removed, and one, I could improve my community observance in this case. Thanks. Please Duolingo, reply to me. :-(

March 25, 2014



hey there! What were your discussions on? Here's a link with our Community Guidelines: https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines


Thank you for the useful link, but I still don't see if I broke the guidelines, I think it's not the case, but it's up to you to tell me.


Hey PERCE_NEIGE- I'd need to know what was written. I can see that you deleted a comment that you created, but would need more info to find the others that you're mentioning were deleted. Happy to let you know! Just need more info :)


Thanks Kristine. One was about a game I wanted to play with the Duolingo learners, I noticed that many people had trouble with spoken or heard French. I wanted to make an audio conversation on Duolingo. I posted a link toward an online audio I've recorded saying "bonjour", and asked people to reply to my greeting and to make a conversation with me. The second discussion were asking where my first dicussion was, and if it was removed by a moderator or just lost. I was wondering if a feature to see "my discussion" could be create", because it's hard to see them when you follow other discussions too. And I maybe lost other discussion, but I don't remember wich ones. I don't know if it was out of the guidelines, and if it was, why. Notifications about that would be very useful I think. "you're discussion has been removed because...be aware of we would admit no contestations about it, etc".


This is the previous discussion you posted about missing a discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2333224

Yesterday, I linked the discussion you couldn't find about the audio game.

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