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  5. "Students are drinking wine."

"Students are drinking wine."

Translation:Des étudiants boivent du vin.

July 11, 2017



I keep wondering why "DES" is used when it's a generalization like this? Or perhaps it is not a generalization and only means some of the students? If it means all the students, then "les"? Anyone?

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so do I

My answers are often marked wrong because of les or des


I have the same question, Why "Des" and not "Les".
Thank you!


"Des élèves boivent du vin." is not accepted. Should it be?


"élève/écolier" is usually used for elementary school to high school pupils, while "étudiant" is rather used for higher studies.

So out of any context there are cases where "students" could be translated as "élèves", but there's little doubt here that it's referring to "étudiants".

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