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  5. "Dans une autre dimension ?"

"Dans une autre dimension ?"

Translation:In another dimension?

March 7, 2013



"In a different dimension" should be accepted too because "une autre" means a different one... For example if you wanted another glass of the same wine you would not say "je voudrais une autre verre du vin" because that means you would like a different wine. Instead you would say "Je voudrais encore du vin".


I don't deny that "une autre dimension" can be translated either by "another" or "a different". but the reasons you give are not quite right.

  • if you want another glass of a different wine : "je voudrais UN verre d'un AUTRE vin / d'un vin diffĂ©rent"
  • if you want another glass of the same wine: "je voudrais UN AUTRE verre DE vin / de ce vin" or "je voudrais ENCORE un verre de vin / de ce vin".
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