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can you give me information the different between das, die, der, ein & eine? -Thankyou

July 11, 2017



And in addition to what BayernMunichLewi told you -- if you're using the Duolingo app to learn German and you have no other resources, STOP RIGHT NOW.

Use the website from a computer instead.

The apps do not show you the lesson notes.

The lesson notes explain lots of basic German. Ignoring them and trying to figure out how German words just from the example sentences is likely to be an exercise in frustration.

Read the lesson notes. Then do the lesson.

If you want to, you can go over earlier lessons and practise them on an app. But don't learn new ones there.

Just my opinion.


thankyou so much for the information


You're welcome!


Das- we use it for a thing (das Kind-the child)->Es die-we use it if somebody/something connect to a woman (die Lampe-the lamp)->sie der-we use it if somebody/something connect to a man (der Arzt-the doctor)->Er ein-we use it if somebody/something connect to a man (ein Vater-a father) eine-we use it if somebody/something connect to a woman (eine Mutter-a mother)


I can give you some advice on learning German. Der, die and das are the direct articles in German (The is the direct article in English). So, you basically have three German words replacing one English word. Instead of: the man, the woman, the child in German you have der Mann, die Frau, das Kind. The man, woman and child are all nouns (a person, place or thing) In German, you must learn the direct article with the noun: therefore always learn der Mann, die Frau, das Kind, die Katze (cat), der Apfel (apple). Nouns are always capitalized in German. Ein and eine are the indirect articles; replacing, a and an in English. So, at this point you either know English grammar or I just blew you mind. Which is it?


Did you understand, what I wrote?


this is what i get from you, can you correct me if i have mistake? thankyou. der is for mann (MASCULINE), die is for frau [FEMININE], das is only for the kind madchen [Neutral]. eine/ eine ={a/an} , use for man, women, kind, but also for the noun like apple(?) what about die suppe, das essen and der fisch?

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