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"Comment se passe ta retraite ?"

Translation:How is your retirement going?

March 7, 2013



"How does your retirement" does not make sense in English


In english (American West Coast) this would be "how do you spend your retirement"


I'm also American West Coast. I think it's fine and normal to say, "How is your retirement going?" If you have friends that are newly retired, it completely makes sense to me. I wouldn't ask them how they spend it necessarily because it could be asking how they spend their retirement - as in pension. This would be inappropriate.


I was using spend in the sense of an doing an activity, which is the second dictionary meaning of spend. Between my comment and your comment Duolingo adjusted the the translation. That's why all the comments seem so weird.


I don't understand why comments here aren't dated.


Also American West Coast, yes you are correct


"How do you spend your retirement" and "how is your retirement going" are two different questions. I would answer the first with what I do each day, and the second with a sense of good or bad.


In any anglophone country,jkitts, but it was not accepted Jan 2!


"How is your retirement going?" It's the same "va" as in, "Bonjour, ça va?" ("Hello, how is it going ?")


anyone can tell me what "se" stands for here?


The "se" in this sentence is the reflexive 3rd person object pronoun. Since it is reflexive, it refers back to the subject of the sentence, which is "(ta) retraite," "your retirement." The reflexive verb "se passer" means to take place or to happen. The question is HOW (= Comment) your retirement is happening / taking place / going (as we would say, in English). The French verb is seen most often (I think) in expressions like "Qu'est-ce qui se passe?", "What is going on / is happening?"


Thank you Suzanne. This explanation was very helpful to me.


I have the same question - I looks literally like how does one/he pass your retirement - any explanation on why this format appreciated.


"One" is on the money,Alfie


It more literally translates to "how is your retirement going for yourself?" The 'for yourself' holding the 'se' position. It's just not how we say it in English


When I saw this I thought that se passer must be reflexive but it seems not.

http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/passer.htm Se passer

Se passer most often means "to take place," "to happen," or, in reference to time, "to go by":

<pre>Qu'est-ce qui se passe ? What's going on? Tout s'est bien passé Everything went smoothly Deux jours se sont passés Two days went by </pre>


We don't have an equivalent direct object in our English translations, but "se" is the reflexive object pronoun in French. "How does your retirement pass itself?" makes no sense to us. "How is your retirement going?" does, but dispenses with any word-for-word equivalent for "se" .


I am retired. I translated it to 'How are yo passing your retirement' which I believe should be accepted, simply because that is what my work friends ask me!


Why is the verb 'passe' (il/elle/on) instead of 'passes' (tu) if it is 'your' retirement?


Regardless of whose retirement (or dog, or book, or house) it is, it's still an "it", so is third person singular.

Consider a simpler example:

"What colour is your book?"

"It is green." (Not "You are green.")


I see - I read it as "How do you spend your retirement" instead of "Your retirement, how goes it?


It's because "your retirement" (= an "it," or in French terms an "elle") is the subject (= needs 3rd person sing. verb), instead of "you" being the subject.


I assume that 'Comment va ta retraite' is acceptable as well?


Both of the translations don't make very much sense in English. I put "how is your retirement going?" which is apparently wrong.


How is your retirement going? Is now listed as the translation, so it appears to have been reported and corrected.


In Australia "How is your retirement?" would be just as acceptable as "How is your retirement going?"


That's what I put too. Americans don't say "how is your retirement passing". I almost put "how is your retirement coming along" but that would probably be considered wrong, too.


That's what I put and it was correct


Hello Englishmen! How would you say that bloody expression ? (Only the east hemisphere!!! Oxford, Liverpool etc.:-)


If you also want to know what English women say, I would ask "How are you finding retirement?".


"How are you spending your retirement?" isn't correct? Yet "How do you spend your retirement?" is?


Maybe DL's issue with your translations is that there's no "you" as the subject in French; "ta retraite" is the subject of "se passe."


Isn't it more correct to say "Comment ta retraite se passe-t-elle?


No the best is " comment se passe ta retraite? " but your sentence it s not wrong.


Pas d'accord. La phrase avec inversion du verbe et du sujet est plus correcte mais moins utilisée


I wrote: How do you pass your retirement .. and was accepted.


I translated it as "How is your retirement going?".


I'm not even sure what this is trying to communicate, it makes no sense in English


Why its not correct "how is going your retirement"?


How is your retirement going? is the correct way to say this in English. We 'break up' the auxiliary and main verbs, in question form: "Where does the money go?" (and not Where does go the money?), for another example using the 'X does go' form of the present tense.


Am I the only one who thinks the audio sounds super unclear on <retraite>? It sounds like some vague cross of <regrette> or <reprete> or something


Surely it would be "how are you passing your retirement"? Passer is to pass/passing :/


In my opinion, this should be acceptable; but DL seems to want to insist on a translation that keeps the "you" out of the sentence (except as the possessor implied by "your") and makes "retirement" the subject, as it is in the French example.

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We would say 'what are you doing in your retirement', which is the same meaning as Duo's 'how are you spending your retirement' but no it doesn't like that!


Why won't it accept "retreat"?


I think the point here is that the subject of this sentence is ta retraite. It is the retraite (retirement) that is happening or taking place (se passer). The question is: this retirement of yours, comment - how - (good, bad, slowly, painfully, thrillingly, etc.) is it happening. We don't have a smooth way to say this literally in English, which is why we get the approximation, "how is your retirement going?"


Why not a straightforward "Comment est ta retraîte?

Unless, of course, this is a present progressive, indicating a passage of time?


The point is, regardless of the many ways it translates into English....

"Comment se passer" is a set phrase or figure of speech in French. It is VERY common. It's important to learn it by heart and move on!

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