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Best Languages to learn for Cantonese native speaker

Which languages should I learn first? So I am a native speaker of Cantonese and I am fluent in Mandarin and English... I have been taking Spanish at school for 2 years (Almost B1 level) and I want to take on my 5th language. I would like to ask which language would be the easiest to learn in the following list of languages I'm interested.

Romance: -Catalan -Latin -French

Germanic: -German -Dutch -Afrikaans (Start on memrise first and wait for duolingo course) -Norwegian -Sweedish -Danish

Turkic: -Turkish

Slavic: -Russian

Others: -Esperanto -Arabic (I will start with textbooks firsst and wait for duolingo course) -Swahili

July 11, 2017



Hooray!!! A fellow Cantonese native!!! And fluent in Mandarin and English as well!!!

Since you're Cantonese (me as well) Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese are very similar to Cantonese/Mandarin (Vietnamese in words, Korean practically identical, Japanese in Mandarin words.)

The grammar may be difficult in Japanese and/or Korean (I have a friend teaching me basic Korean (HINT: She's 2 years younger than me XDDDD)

Or French. It might be easy, after all, English is nothing but misspelled French, in my mind.

The most fun language, however, of the ones I just chose, would probably be Korean (wait till you hear how they say thirty-seven (and all numbers in general) in Korean. I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes (it was way too Cantonese-like, they said it, sam-shi-chi (at the end of chi you have a sudden ending that's a mix between d and t.) NO OFFENSE TO ALL KOREAN SPEAKERS. I BEG YOU ALL FOR FORGIVENESS.

PS Afrikaans is available on Mondly Languages.

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I wouldn't go for easiest language (if there is any... ) but for a language that will be best for you in your life (for school / job / traveling / friendships). And only you can answer that.


The easiest could be this language which you like and want to learn the most. Which one is pretty for you? And you think that you could easily get the pronunciation? And alphabet? Writing? Grammar? You have to think about it if you want to find the easiest one to you.


Of those listed, Esperanto is the easiest.


Eyy! A fellow native speaker!! Don't see that a ton! I would say choose a language that piques your interest. Maybe because your favorite actor speaks it (learning Romanian because of Sebastian Stan), or you like the pop culture of the country (like KPOP). There's no use of learning a language if you have no interest in it.

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