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How can you say "I suck at it" in German?

Google translate is very bad at dealing with this kind of expressions... Never trust it...

July 11, 2017



If I were really bad at something, for example English, I'd say:

Ich bin eine komplette/totale Niete in Englisch.

And if the topic were clear, I'd say:

Darin bin ich eine komplette/totale Niete.


Another idea:

Mein Englisch ist grottig/total übel.

(I think "suck" is colloquial, so you'd have to find a similar tone in German, as Heike did).

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"Ich bin in ... sehr schlecht" :-) ... I don't really know, but sometimes there are no good translations for such things, I can't imagine how I would translate "I sucks at it" in my own (Czech) language..


Ich bin schlecht darin - I am bad at it. If you want to give it more oomph so to speak, substitute schlecht for other adjectives. There is no real verb equivalent to to suck in German, I think.

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