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  5. "How clever am I?"

"How clever am I?"

Translation:Bin ich nicht clever?

March 7, 2013



What is wrong with "Wie klug bin ich?". I try to avoid what I think are loan words from English.


Klug is probably better translated with "smart".

The difference between "clever" and "smart" in English is also there in German.


I don't doubt that "clever" is better. But is "klug" wrong? You really need context to do a good job at translating. The annoying thing is that if you do the mouse over on "clever", the list it displays shows "klug" near the top and I (being clever :-) found it more interesting to translate "clever" to "klug" rather than "clever" to "clever". (It just doesn't sound German to me.)


It's OK man we've all been there

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