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Где or куда?

I can't seem to find a good clear simple answer online on what the differences are. Could someone please explain the differences and how to use them?

July 11, 2017



"Где?" is for asking about a location. You use it when you want to know where something or something is.

  • Где ты? - Where are you?

  • Где мои носки? - Where are my socks?

"Куда?" is about destination. You are asking where something or someone moves or is moved to.

  • Куда ты идёшь? - Where are you going?

  • Куда ты несёшь мои носки? - Where are you carrying my socks?


I would recommend the video below for an explanation of где and куда. The video explains things fairly simply, and with lots of visual examples to make things easy.



this is a fabulous video! Thank you! I've not seen this teacher before, she makes it very clear.


You're welcome! I would highly recommend her other videos for learning Russian, she goes over many aspects of Russian while making everything easy to understand.


I will!! She looks like a great person to learn from! thanks again :-)


Где? = where?

Куда? = where to?

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