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There have been times I have logged on to my account to find out I have 8-10 notifications, but when I click (or hover) on the bell, it only has enough space to show 5 of them. Thus, leading to me having to search through my tons of 'emailed notifications,' to find out who replied to me. However, even then it is hard to find it, because I am not sure what I am looking for, since multiple people comment on a single discussion, and me not knowing which was directed to me.

I know this happens to everyone, and have seen multiple discussions in the past about this.

It would be nice if Duolingo could make an up-date to expand our notification space, so we can see everything and not just five when we have 8.

July 11, 2017



and me not knowing which was directed to me.

If they answered to you it's that they posted an answer to your comment (= a comment appearing directly below one of yours).
Hence, simply find (thanks to your browser search engine) your comments in the discussion (once accessed it from the mail notification) and see if there is a recent child-comment to your (various) comments in said discussion.

Note: not saying that this is replacing/solving this suggestion already made hundreds of times, just that it's not hard to find them. Long, it can be if you made may comment in the discussion, hard, no. ;)


Right? Seems like it should have been implemented already, but I guess they didn't think it would be important enough. Guess you'll have to constantly check discussions. :P

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