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Any video/film suggestions to help improve in French?

If you have any suggestions, please post it in this forum! If you can, provide a link.

July 12, 2017



News in Slow French (https://www.newsinslowfrench.com/) is good, it's audio-only but they don't speak too quickly and there is a transcript so you can follow what they say.

There is also the highly revered "French in Action" (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xj7udf) a 52 episode series developed by a professor at Yale University in the 80's. It is comprised of 30-minute long episodes which place the viewer in real life situations.


Wow, great! Does "French in Action" come with French or English subtitles? I am currently in a position where I have trouble understanding normal conversation, so subtitles will surely help me improve :)

News in Slow French is amazing! I will definitely use this regularly, thanks!


French In Action was purposely developed without subtitles so it would throw you into a situation and you could try and work out what they were saying through the scenario and use of repetition. I haven't actually tried watching it myself yet for the same reason you mention (haha). I feel it would be more beneficial and encouraging to learn at least some basic French before watching it.


If you're talking about movies, Amelie is pretty good! If you want something for learning french, there is Memrise (memrise.com), podcasts if you have Spotify/iTunes (I know of one called "Learn French by Podcast but I'm sure there are others), and french.yabla.com (I haven't used it much, just briefly looked at it). Hope this helps!


Yes, I mean movies/videos. But your suggestions are awesome too! I will try out yabla, thanks for this.

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