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"Avec un grand pouvoir viennent de grandes responsabilités."

Translation:With great power come great responsibilities.

March 7, 2013



Thank you uncle Ben.


...who should in turn thank Voltaire.


Excelsior, my lord!


Couldn't you say "With great power comes great responsibilities" with an S on come.


You are correct jolynnedougherty. "With great power COMES great responsibility" or "With great powers COME great responsibilites". It's one or the other to be grammatically correct. Not "With great power come great responsibilites." Come has to agree with power. Power COMES, not power come.


I thought that was how they taught it back in elementary school. Thanks.


No, because to come must agree with great responsibilities, which is plural.


You're correct Beaujolais, it is the responsibilities that are coming. The power has already arrived.


I tripped there, as well. It's the lingering question with Duo about whether we have to translate the given phrase word-for-word, or translate the meaning of the phrase. I agree that grammatically the verb should be plural, but the gist, at least as Uncle Ben phrased it, is that responsibility is singular and all-encompassing.

And yes, I've already put more thought into this that I should. :->


So the 3rd-person plural agreement is used here, as in the Eng translation - so the same rule of inversion also applicable for Eng/French?

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