"At least today I eat ice cream for dessert at lunch."

Translation:Măcar astăzi eu mănânc înghețată la desert la prânz.

July 12, 2017

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What is the difference between "cel puțin" and "măcar"?


I would consider them as synonyms. I am a native Romanian speaker and I use them depending on what word come to my mind first. Or you can consider "cel putin" as something like when you want to accentuate the fact that this is the only thing that makes you happy about the situation. Like in this sentence. But in the same time, "macar" can be used in the exact same situation. So yeah, I guess it depends on Duo. I consider them synonyms tho.


Could you say: ..."pentru desert" instead of "la desert"?


Well you cannot because it sounds a bit strange. But it would be better if you say "ca și desert" instead of "la desert"


Sentences are too much long.


It says cel putin is acceptable to use. But they counted off because I didn't use macar. What's the difference if they put both in the hints?


What's the difference between macar and cel putin? It said cel putin in the hints but did not accept it.

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