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  5. "Ella no me afecta."

"Ella no me afecta."

Translation:She does not affect me.

March 7, 2013



I think we might say in English, she doesn't bother me, but that was not accepted as a translation here...


You have to keep in mind that 'ella' could mean an object or an event and doesn't necessarily talk about a person. For example 'La recesión no me afecta' could also be said as 'Ella no me afecta' (if it is clear that by 'ella' you mean recession). Now if it doesn't bother you (as in you don't care about it) or if it doesn't affect you (as in you got lucky and got spared from it) is another question, but both translations would make sense.


True as that is, "bother" still makes a perfectly legitimate translation of the source sentence. You pointed out that there are times when 'Bother' wouldn't be best, but without further context there's nothing disqualifying it in the given phrase.


But if you refer to la recesion but doenst want to go on repeat, it becomes "la". Never ella since ella is "her". (El, ella, lo, la is under the same verb-formation)


(,,,)a) Cuando las formas de tercera persona él, ella, ellos, ellas funcionan como sujeto, SOLO PUEDEN REFERIRSE A PERSONAS; por ello, cuando se hace referencia a cosas, en español no se emplea ningún pronombre personal explícito..(,,,) http://lema.rae.es/dpd/srv/search?id=seEVswKc5D6y2K5WFZ

Synonyms of “affect”: act on, alter, change, disturb, induce, influence,  involve, modify, move, overcome,  relate, transform,  simulate, take on



I agree, in English "affect" is almost never used for a person, but objects, situations or events (ex. the hurricane didn't affect me)


This is the way I learned it, growing up. Something in between "she doesn't bother me," and "she doesn't influence me."


to bother = molestar

to concern, to affect, to upset, to sadden = afectar


I'm surprised so many people took 'affect' in this sentence to mean 'bother'. I took it to mean 'awaken my sexual interest'. It makes more sense in the sentence and more in the theme of other sentences in DL. Perhaps 'effect' would be a better word for it but 'afectar' can mean 'affect' or 'effect'


Same here. I thought it had sexual/romantic undertones.


Correct translation is She does not turn me on.


I agree that 'affect emotionally' works ( and a movie could be described as 'affecting' ) BUT affect and effect are radically different words. I can effect a plan ( bring it to fruition) or I can affect it ( by changing the dates - perhaps by failing to deliver some component)


Darn, I said 'effect' instead of 'affect'. This is one of the things that I always get mad about when I see in writing, and here I am doing it myself.

I guess all of this grammar Nazi-ish behavior is starting to eff--- no, AFFECT me in a negative way.


Bother has a negative connotation and is the verb "molestar" in Spanish. Affect can be positive, negative, etc


"she doesn't affect me" marked wrong


It should be accepted. Doesn't is accepted elsewhere by DL. I reported it on 30-Apr-17.


It's the official answer now. I wonder what it was before?


duo: yeah i mean she doesn't affect me at all man what are you talking about. she: arrives duo: stutters uh...h-hi hides behind a bush


She doesn't bother me. - Is what I would say in English. This could mean that she is infecting you with something - like a virus etc.


She doesn't bother me could be the same as she doesn't affect me, but only under certain conditions. It basically means she doesn't annoy me.

However, 'She doesn't affect me' means anything from annoyance to some Butterfly Effect that ends up doing something to you, no matter how small.


I put She is not affecting me. What is wrong?


"Ella no me está afectando"


i put the same, she isnt affecting me and it was wrong but i dont know why?


In your case maybe using the contraction "isn't" - Duo doesn't like it! But also, the progressive tenses - such as "is affecting" or "does affect" although often the more natural English translation, are rejected by Duo. I suggest you Report (not post on this discussion as Duo does not look at it) that the "is ........ing" translation is correct. It does seem to work as occasionally such an answer IS accepted!


usually Duo counts both isn't and is not as correct (if they would be correct in the given situation, of course). Duo actually doesn't read punctuation, either, in case you hadn't noticed. It would treat the following:


the same as the following:


Do you know what I mean?


"She affects me not"


She affects me not -- wrong, according to the Owl. Perfectly good English, though perhaps a bit Shakespearean.


Very poetic, but potentially a bit too Shakespearean for Duolingo.


Isnt it effect. Not affect?


think of it as cause and effect-- If Subject A causes a reaction in Subject B, Subject A has AFFECTED (with an A) Subject B. The reaction in Subject B, which occurred when Subject A affected it, is called an EFFECT (with an E).


No. Effect is a noun. Affect is a verb.


said dean about amara to castiel, who looked at him jealously


i feel like this is a supernatural reference from my vast tumblr experience


Why is there not a personal "a" in this sentence? Something like "Ella no me a afecta" ?? Similar to the question "Yo no observo a el."


The personal a is placed just before a subject pronoun, not a verb. Here we don't have a subject pronoun receiving an action of a verb. To break down the sentence: Ella is the subject doing the action of the verb afectar, me is our indirect object pronoun which doesn't require the use of the personal a. You could say Ella no me afecta a mí, but that would only be used for emphasis.


There, there, i feel you bro


Seis grados de separación


How come "she does not affect me" doesn't count as correct?


keep telling yourself that man, she will always be on your mind


...Ok, THIS is probably the WORST WORDING I have EVER seen in my life!!!!


I translated this sentence "she does not influence me" and it was wrong. I think that "affect" and "influence" have very similar meaning. But I am not native speaker


I learn more reading the discussions than just doing the translation.


I learn more reading the discussions than just doing the translations.


I always get mixed up with "effect" and "affect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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