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What does everyone think of German on here?

Do you think that everything is accurate? Do you think that the order that they teach you is a good start? I'm just wondering.

July 12, 2017



This is a fantastic place to learn German. The best resource I found in 31 years of learning German. One of the best things, it is free.


You've been learning German for 31 years?? when did you reach a level of fluency?


I reached fluency yesterday, I wrote a post titled: It only took me 31 years. I'm going to repost it, in a short while. I was praising Duolingo. How, I accidently stumbled upon it about 15 months ago. How, it allowed me to achieve fluency in my mind. My definition of fluency is the ability to read, write, speak and comprehend German and English on a pretty much equivalent basis. Keep an eye out for my post. I got attacked, pretty much and took it down. Check out the post I wrote today (no don't check it, not worth it), trying to find the two people. One of them showed up. I'm still looking for the other, he was hounding me for two days, He said, no one could ever achieve fluency using just Duolingo. I served in the Army from 86-88. Got the basics down pat. Today, there is enough stuff on the internet, an amazing amount of stuff, available to assist you. The one guy was an American, guy wrote some of the best German I ever read.


I gave you a lingot because of those two bothering you.


Thanks, I appreciate it. How's your German learning progressing?


Trust me, Duolingo is the best resource for learning German and probably Spanish bar none. I plan, to continue learning German by enjoying it. I'm going to learn Spanish from German now. I get a lot of my German thru Facebook. It's easy reading stuff. All kinds of German info. Seems Germans like videos showing pimples being squeezed and pus coming out. They have some nasty videos. Also Spanish from English. Spanish looks like a piece of cake, now that I know both German and English. I will be able to recognize word relation ships. If you think my English is good, my German is just as good. That is, the big secret concerning this site.


For Spanish that last few topics in the tree have been a challenge! And I am of two minds whether to follow your foot steps and learn german or go for mandarin. Also what is your native tongue?


English is my native Language. What is yours?


Same, I speak English, African language called Shona, and soon Spanish :D


So, what are you going to do to improve your Spanish? The reverse tree or continue with the current one. You probably know, language learning requires repetition. If you found your lessons difficult, you need to stop advancing up the tree. Go back to the last skill that you are sure you mastered. Review the lessons, when you start making mistakes with the content you need to concentrate around that area of the tree. I'm not talking about typos and small stuff you have mastered. I don't really follow people at this point. If you want some help. Come back to this spot and respond to this post. Good luck.


I'm living in Germany right now and I find German is on of the hardest languages but Duolingo's German course is quite helpful and is a great start. You should also do Duolingo Bots and do conversation to help you speak German.


What's a duolingo bot?


The bots are in the mobile apps -- at least in the iPhone one. You can have a conversation on different topics, and as you move up (down?) the German tree, you get more bot conversation options.


As a person of rather advanced years who has wanted to learn German for some time, I started a formal class and did not continue as I found it too hard. Recently started here and absolutely love it. The best thing is being able to go at your own pace. I try to do half an hour each day which is much more than I did when doing a weekly class. I find I have progressed well after about 5 weeks I am happy to see that I now have 20% proficiency. Also love hearing the spoken words as I work.
These comments from someone who already speaks a second language fluently thanks to learning way back when my brain worked like a sponge. Thumbs up from me.


Congratulations - I find that formal classes are not a good way to start a language either. Perhaps when one is more advanced and needs specific corrections to a generally correct understanding, but not to get going. I find Duolingo is a useful addition to keeping from getting rusty on the basics as I try to learn more advanced aspects.

Be careful with that 'fluency' rating though - it doesn't mean all that much!


Since everyone has a different way to take in new informations (more by reading, listening or deconstructing and analyzing the language) I think it is quite good for many. There are things I tend to disagree (the sound is not always right, especially for single words - sentences are mostly better, the uncommented usage of single words in strange situations when the standard explanation is usually a different one), but most of the time I like the program.

I just try to get a feeling of Spanish without having any clue about the language. At this point I am not sure if this is the perfect way for me to learn, but one should not give up too soon. I like the possibility to do a language grit with others, learning French, English and German from each direction. Thus I can learn the unknown language while refining the better known ones.


IMO the German course is perhaps the best course on the site (obviously I haven't finished all the trees, but based on the ones I have completed).

There is a larger-than-average vocabulary, a longer-than-average tree, & very good focus on cases.

My only criticism of it is that there needs to be extra sections on word order, specifically word order in complex sentences with multiple separable verbs (i.e. ankommen, umfahren, etc) & word order with dependent clauses.

Nonetheless, it's an excellent course especially considering that it's free.


Do the reverse German Tree, it's great.


I'm learning German because we go there a lot and have a wedding planned with some German friends. The hardest I find is to communicate while they don't or bearly speak English and I do not understand German as well as I would like. What I find the hardest with learning via Duolingo is that it is only possible to learn German out of the English language instead of my own ( Dutch ) . I like the way it is set up because it takes little steps at a time. Because I've been in Germany a lot I can understand a bit but that is not enough for me. Hope to speak and understand German by the end of this year.


I can solve your problem for you. Your English is excellent. Do the reverse tree in English. Are you familiar with German pronunciation? Listen to the German Alphabet, listen to a native German: speaking the months of the year, the days of the week, etc. Make sure you are familiar with the differences in pronunciation. Numerous, free resources on the internet. Try typing in children learning German colors, German Numbers, etc. What you need to know and expect to use at the wedding. Learn the type of German words that are used for/at weddings. Never listen to German spoken by anyone other than a native. Unless their pronunciation is very good. The speaker on Duolingo is good. Listen to her over and over by clicking on the loudspeaker.


In western Germany most people under 40 have had at least five years of English in school. Usually, you have to fight for your right to speak German, at least when they see you can speak English.

Nederlands is closely related to German, so you should not have too many problems with it. They say that the dutch are good at languages. Main problem might be that your letters sound different from ours, especially g and ij. Even after decades you might still have an accent (my boss is from the Netherlands)


What do you mean, by you have to fight for your right to speak German, at least when they see you can speak English. Are you saying, they're trying to turn Germany into an English speaking country?


Nope, but you rarely have the opportunity to actively use your language skills in Germany and so many people try to use their English instead of letting you use your German. I've read this one many times in this forum and on Babbel.


OK. Americans do come to Germany just to get a feel for the native tongue. I can see why they would want the German Citizens using German. Increase tourism, it's almost always about the money.


Hi Everyone! We have a German/English learning Group Chat on Discord orSkype. Everyone is wellcome to join and chat with each other to improve the language you want to learn. Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/TQuwPu Skype Chat: https://join.skype.com/lVKwo3K6rTW5


Following up. I was busy the other day and replied it was the best resource I've found in 31 years of learning German. You will find an error on occasion. If you are sure you are correct don't try to report it, just continue to do your lessons. Anytime you are on the discussion board you are wasting time. The order is great, always read the tips provided with the lesson. Always without failure learn the direct article with the noun. I can not stress this enough: Always learn the direct article with the noun: Der Mann, die Frau, das Buch, etc. Do not waste time learning things other than the direct article. Always get the lesson correct, involving the indirect article: ein Mann, eine Frau, ein Buch, etc.. The plural is always die: die Manner equals the men. die Frauen equals the women and die Bucher equals the books. When you are doing your lessons, always pay attention to the Umlauts, Umlaut means around the sound. The Umlauts change the sound. Listen to the speaker over and over when you encounter words you are hearing for the first time (click over and over on the loudspeaker). Set up a reverse tree, first thing. Do not rush, doing the lessons. Expect to spend two years, learning German on Duolingo. Use other resources available on the net. Use free stuff mostly. I have spent very little learning German. Good luck in your Duo experience.

[deactivated user]

    I like it, I finished the tree two times, but I still need more practice to get to become advance. I think it is good enough just to learn the basic, but in order to advance you will need more than that. As far as the order I live where there is a lot of Amish people they speak a little different then what I have learned here.


    It's an amazing tree but can only kick you up to A1 if you use nothing else to accompany it.

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