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What should i do next?

I've finished the english -> french skill tree :) Now, what should i do next to improve my skill even further? And if i should transfer to another website, can you recommend it? Thanks in advance.

July 12, 2017



I say, continue practicing! I gave a bunch of resources on https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23131388 and https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23101472. Also, check out memrise! That website (and the app) are fantastic to use!


Thanks! Here's 5 lingots!


I'd recommend using Memrise, Clozemaster and Bliu Bliu, if you want to keep using websites and apps. Otherwise, try listening to some 'Learn French' podcasts. Also, try watching some movies in French (with or without subtitles). And best of all, try getting in touch with a native speaker. Hope this helps. : ) https://www.memrise.com---------- https://bliubliu.com--------- https://clozemaster.com


Thanks! Here's some lingots.


Have you been reading books and magazines in French? If you don't have access, there are several you could read online (try looking for a .fr instead of a .com). Listening to French radio and watching movies in French (even with English subtitles!) is also good practice. I know French grammar can be tedious, but picking up a grammar exercise book from Chapters or somewhere will help a lot as well.

Bonne chance!


Talk with the french


Sorry, but i don't have contact with a french speaker. Thanks anyway.


This is a cool recommendation which I believe you are able to do with the same account in your subscriptions. Just hit learn a language again, but this time say your a french speaker learning English. This inverts the scripts making it much harder. Afterwards, start to immerse yourself with two skills. Reading and speaking. For reading, just immerse yourself within the Duolingo website and go on Memrise (which I love). And lastly for speaking which is super important go to a language exchange or the country, the only way to really speak fluently. Hope this helps.

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