Looking for Dutch Youtube channels

Hi there !

As a YouTube lover, I would like to watch some videos in Dutch but I struggle to find any in my favorite topics, which are :

  • Any scientific topic such as physics, psychology, neurology, biology, general, etc.
  • Health, medical
  • Music
  • Vegan lifestyle
  • Politics, geopolitics
  • Family vlogs (with chidren)

Do you know any YouTubers who post in any of these topics ?

Bedankt !

1 year ago

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I'd suggest doing a YouTube search by just typing the words for your interests in Dutch. To get this guy's video, I typed veganist in Nederland: I think he's actually Belgian judging by his speech, which appears to be Flemish Dutch. I had trouble understanding all he said and he speaks fast as well. Anyway, try doing the same with your other interests, and I'm sure YouTube will come up with something. Success gewenst!

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it's not really any youtubers, but dutch bands i like. De jeugd van tegenwoordig, gers Pardoel, nielson, guus meeuwis, Kraantje Pappie, Lil Kleine. There is jeugdjournaal it's newsshow for children. some of the popular channels on youtube.

1 year ago
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