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  5. "She likes his blue socks."

"She likes his blue socks."

Translation:Elle aime ses chaussettes bleues.

July 12, 2017



I used the verb "se plaire" instead of "aimer", but was erroneously corrected ("bleues" to "blanches" !!???). Reported, but until the issue is fixed, it won't work. If you're curious, though, it would be "Ses chaussettes bleues lui plaisent."


She likes .. and I put “son” instead of ses, now I am thinking it is based on socks being plural?


"son, sa, ses" are possessive adjectives. Like any other adjectives, they agree with the noun they modify.

As a consequence, the possessive does not tell about the owner's gender.


Ohhh, okay! That makes sense. Thanks!

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