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On which day of your streak did you know that you are going to keep it going for a long time?

July 12, 2017



The day i was fired.

[deactivated user]

    On the 523rd day. Then I suspected.


    After about three weeks. This is my third long streak, and I'm pretty proud of it. Looking forward to the one year mark :)


    On my original 589 day streak I knew about 50 or so. But for this one I knew I could keep it from day 1.


    On my last 180 day streak, I figured from the start I would keep it for a long time. This one, I'm getting good vibes about today. :D


    it was 229, now look at it


    I never paid any attention to streaks until one day I just decided I was going to make a commitment to use Duolingo every day. I live in North America and was worried how it would affect my streak when I went to Europe last May. I was scared the time difference would mess up my streak, so on the travel day flying across all those time zones I did Duolingo every couple of hours to make sure I didn't lose it!


    Day ten, but I lost it.


    Usually the day before I lose it.... :/

    • 1964

    on the first day


    Day 1. I'm a streak freak so if I have a daily streak of something (duolingo, playing football, etc.) I can stay committed to something like that.


    October 15th I will loose, due to holidays in areas without reliable internet.


    From day 1. Duo is such a perfect fit for me. I can't wait to go through every language.


    After about 40-50 days I started to feel pretty confident that I could continue this for quite a while.

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