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What language is this?

Does anyone know what the following sentence means and in which language it's written in?

"Kako da ti kazam zbogum"

Edit: It's possible that it was originally written in cyrillic.

July 12, 2017



It is Macedonian: Како да ти кажам збогум? (latin letters: Kako da ti kažam zbogum? It means - how can I say goodbye to you)

If it were: "Kako da ti kažEm zbogOm", then it would be either Serbian or Croatian.

[deactivated user]

    Could this be Macedonian? I found two songs with the exact same name. Those are sang by two different Macedonian groups/artists. One is called "Секула Пупиновски" or "Sekula Pupinovski" and the other one Mite Paunoski and they are both from Macedonia.


    I think it's Croatian, but "zbogum" should be "zbogom"

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