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All Voice Mode

I would love an all voice mode that works with Android Auto for when I'm driving. This way I can practice without touching my device or taking my eyes off the road. It could ask me to repeat a phrase in the language I'm learning or ask me to say the word for something in the language, etc...

I currently use Android Auto to call, text, respond to texts, get directions and to listen to audiobooks via Audible - All hands free. I think that being able to learn a language the same way while sitting in traffic for hours every day would be a good use of my time. In essence, I would be going to school for 2 hours every day.

July 12, 2017



Concentrate on driving. Safety first .... :P


Good idea.. with audible correct/incorrect indicator. -does this exist?


I guess something like they have currently where they audibly ask a question or ask you to use the mike to repeat a phrase. It would be all audible, asking a question, getting a verbal response, checking if correct/incorrect and then moving on.


Buy Pimsleur or the Michel Thomas course.


The whole point of Duolingo is that it's a free source for learning a language - I don't want to buy anything. I'm simply suggesting a functionality that would be great for learning while commuting.

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