"El gătește de plăcere."

Translation:He cooks for pleasure.

July 12, 2017

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Native speaker here, 'He cooks for fun' is a more natural translation.


He cooks with pleasure?


No, that should not be accepted, due to the following nuances:

  1. "El gătește de plăcere." = "He cooks for pleasure."
    Depending on the context, the emphasis here is either on WHY he cooks (i.e. for pleasure), or on WHAT he does for pleasure/as a hobby (i.e. he cooks). Without any context, I thought of why he cooks, as in: he cooks out of pleasure.

  2. "El gătește cu plăcere." = "He cooks with pleasure."
    The emphasis here is on the fact that it's a pleasure for him to cook.


Thanks! Thinking about it in my language, I understand the nuance now.

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