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Can someone help me with French pronunciation?

I'm learning French from Spanish and as far as I can see, there is completely no correlation between French spelling and pronunciation. Can someone please explain to me how French pronunciation works? I am very confused.

July 12, 2017



In French, most letters at the end of a word are not pronounced, unlike in Spanish.

For instance, "pomme" is pronounced /pom/, "gars" is /ga/, "grand" is /grã/ (ã = nasalised a)...

You can go here (wikipedia) for a quite complete table of the common pronounciations, or lack thereof, of every French letter.


Thank you! Much appreciated :)


You can use word reference to help you pronunciate certain words as you press the ecouter button if that helps :)


It's a good idea to really learn and understand the Tips and Notes section - especially the starting part of the tree. There is a lot of basic info there which you should correlate when doing the lessons. Also watch out on the Forums for interesting tips ans questions, and surround your ears with French - wither with natives in your neighborhood, French movies, songs, etc. with the subtitles/lyrics so you know how each word is spoken and written. Then by time it will become easier and natural to you (as it did for me) even if its hard in the start, don't worry :)

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