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  5. "Wanene wachache"

"Wanene wachache"

Translation:Few large ones

July 12, 2017



I translated it as "some large people." Why is this not correct? What is the difference between translating wachache as "some" vs "few"? The hover hints seem to indicate that both would be correct and there are no context clues to indicate it would be one over the other.


I don't know, but it may be worth reporting next time you come across this sentence.


Accepted (15 Apr 2021)

[deactivated user]

    This was translated "A few large people" even though matu is not in the sentence. Is it implied? What am i missing?


    With adjectives, adding the class 2 prefix wa- means it will refer to people (or animals), so the watu is a little bit redundant. A lot of adjectives can be used as nouns to refer to people in this way. It's also correct to say watu wanene wachache.

    [deactivated user]

      Asante sana


      I hope you are continuing or have added to discussions as I attempt to climb this swahili language learning tree. Thank you. It has been said: Haba na haba hujaza kibaba.


      Wondering why this is a phrase i need to learn in Swahili.... Is it so common i need to learn it immediately?


      i said "a few fatties" and it wasn't accepted :-(


      The English word "fatty" is in the Oxford dictionary, but marked 'informal: a fat person (often as a nickname)'.
      I would guess that "wanene" is more 'correct' Swahili, without this informal tone. Does anyone out there know about the usage?


      yes, i like "a few fatties" because it translates more directly to the swahili without having to add an extra word "ones" to describe the subject, and saying "a few large ones" comes across to me as the type of phrase i would only say with some prior context describing what "ones" refers to


      The answer has changed! Today I put "a few large people" and the answer was "wrong"...it was corrected to "a few fat people".


      Put a few heavy people...wanene usualy used for fat people

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