1000 days

Oh la la, qu'est-ce que j'ai fait?

This certainly is my longest commitment, now practising French on duoligo has become one of my daily routines. I'm so pleased I've made it this far, there is no reason to stop now ...

Thank you duolingo team excellent work!

Happy duolingo ...

July 12, 2017


Congratulations!!!! How is your French? I hope to reach the same number tomorrow.

Early congrats to you too Lorel90!!!! :-)

Early congratulations to you. Compare to last year, I think I've made a huge improvement.

Congratulations to you as well, Loren!

Extremely well done!

Thank you. OMG, you are very ambitions, I envy you.

Is French your first serious second language? I have no doubt that with time, you could get there, too. I have been learning languages long before Duolingo existed. I started my first one about 16 years ago, so some of those (Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) were only reviewed on Duolingo, not learned from scratch.

Thank you for replying. Well, French is my second foreign language, but I started French here more or less from scratch. I'm so pleased with my achievement .

The massive dish in your backyard, who knows, maybe one day you will learn some alien languages. :-)

Here's hoping :)

On one of the flags by your name there is one with what appears to be a red dragon or something. What language does it represent

The Red dragon on white and green is Welsh, The Red dragon on Black is High Valyrian, A new addition in response to the new season of game of thrones.

Callum313126 is correct. The one at level 13 is the Welsh flag. The one at level 2 is High Valyrian. It just came out today. The Welsh flag is by far the coolest flag of all time. It's very old, which is why it's more exotic than your average flag. More info:

I believe Welsh has the dragon

I see you reached 1000 days a while back too, Jess. Congratulations!

Nice! Lots of envy here! I hope to make it that far some day.

I am sure that you will someday. Hello again by the way.

Hello! I think I remember you. My last XP contest right?

btw, I have another one going on rn.

yeah. Can you send me the link?

Just go to my profile. Copy and paste the link, then you'll find it.

You will get there one day, bon courage!

Congrats. I haven't taken the time to scroll through and find your name if you are on the streak hall of fame, but if you haven't, you should sign up here.

Cheers! I've joined the club when I reached 500 days, I just checked, there are a lot of people ahead of me.

Try hard. But congrats, smh.

You are everywhere then :-)

Woohoo! Congrats David.Lizant!!! Your hard work paid off. :-)

Merci NtateNarin, it looks like you are there very soon too!

Félicitations! Voici un Lingot! =)

I hope I'll get there one day! Tbh I would've been there already but about ~450 days in I forgot to buy the Streak Freeze lost my streak =(

Merci, c'est très gentil.


Assez impressionnant. Bravo à vous!

Merci LouBerN!


nice to meet you David. i am a beginner.

Enchanté Kaetaro, j'étais débutant aussi. Bon courage!

Please,tell us in details your story of success with the french language.

Success is a bit over the top, I think my current level is A2, I just work at my own pace. On duolingo, I can do as much or as little as I feel like, that way, it's not too overwhelming to kill my motivation.
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Wow. Congratulations. I'm not even half way there, and I thought I was going a long time. I don't think I'll ever make it to 1000, as I'm not that concerned with the streak and in that long, something will happen. I really respect anyone who has stuck to something the way you obviously have. It wouldn't matter if it's something else like exercise, practicing a musical instrument or any commitment. Great job, and hope the learning and commitment continues with or without a Duolingo streak.

Thank you Gengo, bon courage!

Félicitations, c'est du bon travail!

Congratulations to you!

Wow, congrats! Nice one :-)

Bravo David. Voilà une série très impressionnante. Bon courage pour la suite.

Merci RogerMenge, bon chance!

Well done, David! Congratulations!

Thank you Albaduine. It looks like you are far ahead of me.

Well done mate and congratulations

Cheers mate, happy duolingoing !!!

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