"No details, please!"

Translation:Keine Details, bitte!

July 12, 2017

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I'm interested in the etymology of this word. It's literally just the English word "Details" but the concept of a detail has to be older than the English language itself. Are there other words for this idea in German? Which are most common? When did "Details" come into usage? A quick look at etymonline.com says it's originally a French word, but it's interesting that the Germans appear to be using the English form of the word.


No, we are pretty much using it in the French sense with a(n approximation of the) French pronunciation. One can use Einzelheiten instead of Details (and often does so).


When you type out a guess in Denglish and it ends up being correct. LOL


Do we have a German equivalent of TMI? ZVI/ZVA?

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