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  5. "Această masă pare grea."

"Această masă pare grea."

Translation:This table looks heavy.

July 12, 2017



what is the difference between "aceasta" and "această"?


Masa aceasta (when you have a noun with definite article first), but această masă (no article). So it basically depends on the order of the words


Can't it also be: 'This meal looks heavy '?


Yes, indeed. Romanian is quite flexible, having lots of words with several different meanings. Word plays are also a common type of humour.


I wrote mare instead of pare and it didn't mark it incorrect. This is just one of probably hundreds of times I made a mistake (usually because I can't understand the speaker!) that aren't caught. Definitely need better quality control!


I think the app considers it a typo if there is only one mistaken character, at least from what I ve noticed


True, especially when the misspelled letter is near the correct one on the keyboard (not the case here, but that's the idea).

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