"Ție îți arăt un iepure gras."

Translation:I show you a fat rabbit.

July 12, 2017

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I am a fluentual speaker. I want to worn you. Wherever you see "Mie îmi" or "ție îți", "el își" or "noi ne"," voi vă" or "ele își" Well. It is corect but we don't use in speaking. Sounds too robotic. It's enough to say "Îmi". Or the others.. It is corect but in speaking we DO NOT USE "


I wanted to come in and respond to SisoEvaY saying that native speakers don't use this structure. There is a time when natives consistently use this full structure. They use it IF they are responding to another person who first used the shorter version. For example, if your Romanian wife says 'îmi este dor de tine' (I miss you) then the correct native response would be 'și mie îmi este dor de tine' (I miss you too). Similarly, if you say a simple phrase and drop the pronoum (e.g. 'te iubesc) then the correct response includes the full phrase (și eu te iubesc). This is a recurring pattern in Romanian.


I don't know in Romanian but we do repeat pronouns in Spanish and Catalan. Not in every sentence but it is common.


Ahhhh I think I understand now.

So, for example my wife taught me how to say, "I like", it would be "Îmi place". So this is that instance where I dont have to use "Mie îmi place"?


you don't have use it anywhere. you can, but it's not necessary.


You can say "Mie imi place" as it is correct, however native speakers almost never do. "Îmi" already implies youre talking about yourself so "mie" isn't necessary. You can use "mie imi place" to emphasize that it's you especially liking that particular thing, as opposed to someone else.


you would say it if you wanted to emphasise that you did like a thing that someone else didn't like or thought you didn't like.
Can you get me a coffee
But you don't like coffee
I do like it! (Mie îmi place)
I'm going to buy a green shirt
I don't like green.
But I like it! (Mie îmi place)


Even my Romanian partner couldn't understand the speedy voice....


The speedy voice kills me! ha ha. Or the very long sentences!


Douolingo should have Spanish - Romanian. English is too simple to get some languages.


Why is "bunny" a wrong translation here?


it's not wrong, but duolingo is a computer program so it hasn't been programmed to recognise 'bunny' as correct

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