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More Lessons?

I didn't finish the Duolingo courses yet but are there any more things to do in duolingo when you're finished with all the courses? Pls tell me in da comments! I don't think there are more but I'm wondering! Don't say Tiny cards cuz I already have an account for tiny cards. So bye! :D! :D! :D! :D! :D!

July 12, 2017



Well there is this group in discord~ Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord https://discord.gg/G2kpndH

Join mine as well!!~ Chat Lovers ^^ https://discord.gg/JPzMfhc


I know one more thing in Labs there are 10 stores for Spanish and Portage learners, like you and me!


You can learn English for Spanish speakers. I find "reverse courses" like that quite helpful.


What is a reverse course and where can you find it?


I don't know, but if you edit the topic to trublesooting some person that does know will most likly help you.

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